David Wright’s  large scale sculptural work is driven by his goal to arouse a deep visceral response in the viewer.  He works to achieve this by creating a  heightened emotive tension in the interaction of two systems, defined by him as rigid and fluid. His steel structures, once assembled into a specific form, are fixed and unchanging. The fluid systems they contain introduce a temporal element in which there is no longer a definite object, but a shifting one. The use of a steel mold elicits the feeling of an unchanging model, yet the blown forms interact with this foundation in abstract, organic, and often unexpected ways. David draws inspiration for his work from larger systems found in nature and society, which represent the push and pull of containment and expansion, strength and fragility, and change and inertia. This interplay creates a push and pull that is dynamic, as perception of the work becomes reliant on the individual who perceives it.

Professional Experience

Wright received his BFA in sculpture from Indiana University in 2012.  He then moved to Oakland, California with a mission to gain experience in creating monumental sculpture for public exhibition. While there, he co-founded a fabrication company that provided project management, design, build, and installation services for a multitude of works. A sampling of these include: a 34’ steel and wood replica of a gramophone titled La Victrola; a 14’ interactive light installation titled Gummy Bear Pyramid; and a mobile state of the art school bus named The Self Determination Project.  He completed these works through collaboration with artists, architects, engineers, and other organizations. Some of the groups he has worked with include: the California Academy of Sciences, Stanford Complexity Group, and the architecture firm Designing Justice/Designing Spaces.  Wright‘s project teams have been awarded grants from the Rauschenberg foundation, Google’s Impact Challenge, the San Francisco’s Sheriff Department, and Burning Man.

Design + Fabrication

La Victrola

Structural Designer/ Fabrication Lead

“La Victrola is a 35-foot tall, 30,000 pound, wood and steel sculpture celebrating the music of a bygone era, built by a community of artists in Oakland California. Its period details, musical curation, and live performances stand as organic counterpoints to the digital saturation of modern culture. After debuting phase 1 of the build at Burning Man 2016, La Victrola phase II has appeared at Burning Man 2017 and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco.”

Wright’s role within this project was to take the project’s development from phase 1 and bring into a new reality through completing the structural design and providing fabrication lead services to Hand Crank Creative. This piece was produced by Wright’s co-founded company, the Envelope Engineers. Designed in collaboration with Nathan Kandus at American Steel Studios.  

Built in Collaboration with Hand Crank Creative;

Design + Fabrication

Gummy Bear Pyramid

Conceptual Design Consultant/ Structural Designer/ Fabrication Lead

“The Gummy Bear Pyramid is designed to awaken the imagination and encourage creative expression. Our vision is to provide a space that inspires anyone that enters to play and engage with others’ creative, colorful minds.  It is our hope, that upon entering the pyramid, visitors will start to investigate the rainbow pixelated imagery and discover for themselves what the whole structure is made out of, triggering a sense of playful spiritual reverence that elicits worship of the mind, and the endless possibilities of worlds it can create. Gummy Bear Pyramid is a 14 foot tall pyramid light installation made out of over 200,000 hand casted gummy bears.”

Wright’s involvement in this project was the result of Artist lead, Dicapria, approaching him to help bring her idea to reality. For this project Wright provided conceptual consultation, structural design, and managed the fabrication of the work.

Built in collaboration with Dicapria del Carpio;

Design + Fabrication

Self Determination Project

Co-Structural Designer/ Fabrication Lead / Financial Manager

Grant funding provided by the Google Impact Challenge, San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, & the Rauschenberg Foundation

“The project is a refurbished San Francisco public transit bus transformed into a mobile GED schoolhouse, complete with classroom space, library and computerized learning (mobile hotspot). This mobile school can move around the city, providing key resources in a community, especially for neighborhoods where the majority of residents are below the federal poverty line who have little income to own vehicles or even to access public transportation. In bringing school to the people the Self-Determination Project harnesses the power of mobile infrastructure to address social change.”

Wright’s role within this project consisted of design consultation, structural design, budgetary and timeline management, as well as fabrication and delivery of the project as a whole. Built in Collaboration with Designing Justice/ Designing Spaces, Nathan Kandus, the San Francisco Police Department, Oakology, and Five Keys Charter School.