Design + Fabrication

Gummy Bear Pyramid

Conceptual Design Consultant/ Structural Designer/ Fabrication Lead

“The Gummy Bear Pyramid is designed to awaken the imagination and encourage creative expression. Our vision is to provide a space that inspires anyone that enters to play and engage with others’ creative, colorful minds.  It is our hope, that upon entering the pyramid, visitors will start to investigate the rainbow pixelated imagery and discover for themselves what the whole structure is made out of, triggering a sense of playful spiritual reverence that elicits worship of the mind, and the endless possibilities of worlds it can create. Gummy Bear Pyramid is a 14 foot tall pyramid light installation made out of over 200,000 hand casted gummy bears.”

Wright’s involvement in this project was the result of Artist lead, Dicapria, approaching him to help bring her idea to reality. For this project Wright provided conceptual consultation, structural design, and managed the fabrication of the work.

Built in collaboration with Dicapria del Carpio;